Monday, May 17, 2010

The Lastest News from the farmers place.

First, this picture is for Res Ispa.

A while ago you asked if there were common around here. And the answer is, sorta.

Since so much of the land is tilled for agricultural purposes, the areas where you can find them are limited. But, in those areas, we seem to have the proper rainfall and temperature for a healthy crop. A good friend of mine found several hundred of them earlier this year. I went to a county park and looked for a while one evening, found nothing.

This evening one of the twins was mowing along the grove and found these.

Now an update on the chickens. They are at the ugly stage. Lost all the downy yellow fuzz, and have very small feathers on the wings. Otherwise they are butt naked and butt ugly. On the second week we had them we had a cold snap in the weather, it got too cold in the barn, even though they were under heat lamps. So I put some old Ron Paul campaign signs around the room for the chickens and hung a LB White, LP gas heater in there for about a week and a half. We lost 12 from them piling up when it got too cold.

On Friday I took the day off. At 7:00am we left the kids at a friends place, then the lovely Mrs. farmer and I drove to western Iowa pulling a 24 ft trailer with a couple of sign/billboards to put in the back of a pickup for a parade. I'm helping a group of concerned citizens here in the area fight back against the lawless decision of the Iowa Supreme Court, which advocated granting sodomy permission certificates.

After we dropped off the sign in western Iowa, we went to my folks place, picked up a busted lawn tractor, which I need to work on as well as an old chicken nesting box which needs some major work. After we get these broilers raised, we may get a few laying chickens.

From my folks place we went to Des Moines for a meeting at 3:00, then parked the trailer in Ankeny, then visited some relatives for a few minutes.

We left Ankeny, went down East 14th to Euclid, went west two blocks and ate our supper at the Iowa Beef Steakhouse. Good food, decent price, good service. No complaints.

With our stomachs full we then ventured into downtown Des Moines to the Embassy Suites. Campaign for Liberty held a regional conference there. I joined Gun Owners of America for a year. Shook hands with several political types. Then heard speeches from Jan Mickelson of WHO Radio,( a Christian Libertarian), Thomas Woods author of Meltdown, and the honorable Ron Paul. A very enjoyable evening.

Picked up the trailer in Ankeny on the way back north. Got home about 11:30.