Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are you on their list?

Militias and Domestic Terrorists

Looks like those of use who believe in the right to life, liberty and property are now the suspects rather than patriots.

Would they arrest Patrick Henry, for inciting violence by saying, "Give me liberty or give me death!!"?

So what have you got on your vehicle?

An NRA sticker?

A sign saying "Protected by Smith & Wesson"!

Shoot all the ragheads!

Shoot first, ask questions later?

Gun control is hitting what you aim at!

Ron Paul

Any of the above and I'm sure you're considered a nut ball radical.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Planter

Looking through the latest farm magazine, I saw that Deere is starting production on their new planter. Before I link to any pictures, let me illustrate how big this thing is.

When I was helping my dad as a kid he had a 4 row planter. When I started farming for myself I bought a 6 row planter. Several of my neighbors had 8 row rigs, both 8 wide (38") and my father-in-law had 8 narrow (30").

The farm where I work now had a 16 row (30") when I started, now they have a 24 (30").

This video is something I found on YouTube which shows a 24 row planter, turn the volume down, this guy has the stereo cranked up.

That's 24 30" rows, 60 feet wide.

We have at least two neighbors who are trading DB90s for one of the new DB120s 48 30" rows, they were among the first to have the 36 row 30" spaced DB90s so they get first shot at the new rig.