Sunday, April 25, 2010


One again the farmer's clan is in the chicken business.

We ordered 150 chicks from the local hatchery on Tuesday the 13th, they were hatched on Monday the 19th, and my wife picked them up from the USPS on Tuesday morning the 20th at 7:20 am. So, on or around the 25th of May we will once again be butchering chickens.

Since last years chickens got rather large, 10 lb average, we will be butchering before eight weeks of age. And because we got a new video camera, we will try to post pictures over the next few weeks showing the growth of the chickens.

He is a short video taken in the afternoon, on Tuesday.

Sorry Res, no ducks this time. Maybe later in the year.

We still have a few which remain unspoken for, so if you are interested say something in the comments, or email me.

In other news.

We are somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 done planting for the year. All of the hog pits have been pumped and hauled. We are far ahead of the seasonal schedule, and even farther ahead of last year.

I'm supposed to go to the Repugnant Party district convention this weekend. We'll see if the weather allows that? The governors race is heating up here in Iowa. We have a three way contest, with the former governor Bumstead, who held office for 16 years, raised taxes thirty times, introduced legalized gambling, and had as his Lt. Governor a Planned Parenthood activist, and current sodomy marriage supporter, seeking a 5th term. Then we have a very nice, polite, standard issue, conservative Republican, who has served 5 terms in the State Senate, without ever making a name for himself by doing anything of note, a typical party man who shows no real abilities as a leader, just a party man. And a relatively young former educator, businessman, consultant from northwest Iowa. He has pledged to fight the Iowa Supreme Courts ruling on sodomy marriage, by issuing an executive order staying the ruling until the legislature changes the law or amends the Iowa Constitution. He is promising to take the funding of the education away from the state and give it back to the parents of school children (60 percent of the state budget), he wants to challenge the Obama healthcare fiasco on 10th Amendment grounds and yesterday, he endorsed an Oklahoma/Arizona type immigration reform.

Shouldn't be a difficult choice. But, I'm quite certain that the Repugnant establishment has got the second guy in the race to take votes away from the third. We have not had a true "conservative" candidate for governor in Iowa in twelve years who did not face a three way race. The establishment is very anti christian conservative. They are more concerned about retaining power for a handful of elites in Des Moines, than in seeing actual change in the current system.

My guess is that Bumstead will win the party nomination, and the Demoncrats will retain the governorship because those of us on the far right side of the aisle will either not vote, or vote third party in the general election.