Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My New Favorite Song

I think any comment I might add is unnecessary!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Supreme Court Slaps Juan McMarkOCain upside the head.

today the US Supreme Court got one right.

What's appalling is that there were actually 4 of the black robed tyrants who failed to defend the Constitution from a traitor like Juan McAmnesty.

Big Journalism

I written about this travesty before. And I greatly enjoy seeing Juan boy get slapped silly.

Post Election Comments

Now if we could just hold his impeachment hearing and assemble the firing squad, maybe the country would sit up and take notice that the Constitution is not to be trifled with. One can only hope I'm afraid, after all, Jorge the Younger Shrub is still on the loose as well.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The weather here just continues to be awful. We did not leave the farm over Christmas, then I worked in the cold on Saturday and Sunday. New Year's week, it was at least -15 several times. On New Years Eve, we drove down to southwest Iowa to do Christmas with my family. It was very pleasant, everyone made it for the occasion on New Year's day. Ate to much, laughed a lot, had a great time.

As I've mentioned earlier, I've been working on a project in my shop for several months. One friend gave me a hydraulic cylinder. Another friend traded some cutting torch work for a piece of I-beam. In an old shed at my dad's place was an old hydraulic control valve off of a combine header control, and I remembered an old sprayer frame in the weeds down at my folks, so I scrounged all the stuff together and built this,.........

So, there you have one of my excuses for why I haven't spent much time at this blog lately.

It's designed to use the hydraulic power from a tractor. Can be used horizontally or vertically.
It got one coat of primer and some very flat black paint I bought on sale at the John Deere store.

Now if I could just complete some of my other long list of projects I've been accumulating pieces for, a smoker from pipeline pipe, a large portable grill from an old fuel barrel. Fixing a 4-wheeler that a friend gave us, and the big one, finishing that(those) Oliver tractors.

Happy New Year everybody. I'm home sick today. Have some kind of stomach flu. Went to work in the blowing snow. Fed the cattle, weaned pigs, then came home and spent the rest of the day in bed or in the recliner, when my back couldn't stand laying in bed any more.

BTW, it was between -15 and -18 when I put that thing together in Dad's yard, Friday morning. Man did I miss my heated shop.