Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Something Very Unusual

I've worked for the same farming operation since 1997. We typically start the day at 7:00 am. For only the second time since I worked there, I got a phone call this morning telling me not to come to work.

In these days of AGW, (Anthropogenic Global Warming) we are having a major snow storm. Seems that all of Iowa is shut down for the day.

The boss was out on the tractor with the snow blower, trying to make a path so that we could get to the farm. And he could not see the road ditch on either side from the tractor seat.

So I'm currently sitting at the computer at 7:30 in the morning, with a nice warm fire in the fireplace.

What's your weather like?

Update: The boss called about 3:00 pm and said he was coming out with the snow blower, to clear the 4 to five foot drifts out of my yard. I could not even drive the 4 wheel drive pickup out of the shed. After he blew the snow out I went and did the evening chores. Put fresh bedding in for the cattle, and moved some more snow out at the main farm, so that we can wean pigs in the morning. Got home about 6:30, and the county still had not plowed any of the roads. Had to drive through someones yard to get around one pickup stuck in a drift that must have been 6 feet deep and twenty or thirty yards long.