Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thoughts on the Iowa Caucus

I was disappointed in my fellow Iowans. They talk a good game. They claim to believe in the Constitution, yet they vote for people like John McCain and Fred Thompson who spit on the Constitution when they voted for McCain/Feingold. They claim to believe that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental principle upon which our nation was built, yet they voted for McCain and Thompson, the former with an appalling and the later with a wishy washy record on this issue.

At my local caucus after the vote had taken place, I talked to men who did not know either of those mens record on the issues I mentioned. Many of those I talked to voted for Fred (he got 19 votes) because they disliked the Huck and distrusted John and Mitt. Out of 57 votes cast at my precinct Mitt got 1 vote.

Some of my good friends voted for Mike because "He loves Jesus". Mike got 21 votes and clearly it was a vote based on his "Christianity" over anything else. What they fail to realize is that he will be marginalized just as Pat Robertson was, just as Gary Bauer was, trying to choose a secular governmental leader solely on his religion will always fail because the office of the President is not the national preacher. I agree with Mike on most issues related to Christianity, but that does not qualify him to be President of the United States.

Ron Paul got 7 votes, and several of the people I spoke to told me they would have voted for him but they don't like his position on the war on terror. Many of the same people are unhappy with what is happening in the "war on terror" but claim that Ron Paul is too isolationist. So they voted for guys that are going to maintain the status quo, explain that in logical terms.

The Ghoul and John Insane got 4 and 3 votes respectively.

I could go on but what's the use? The people of Iowa failed. They did the same old thing, just like they did in 1988. A religious figure leaves the state the leader, and will be out of everything in 2 months. The tide will eventually sweep into place making Fred or John the next Republican nominee, a Bob Dull redo. So much for a change, look for 4 years of Demoncrat rule.