Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh


I laughed out loud at you on Monday's show. It seems that you are having a dust up with your listener's over Mike the Huckster. I laughed because the problems you're having explaining why Mike isn't a conservative are problems of your own creation. You sold out to the establishment a long time ago and the results are just now starting to be visible to you.
Before I go on, a little background. I started listening to you in 1988 when you were doing just two hours on WHO radio 1040 in Des Moines Iowa. I remember Mick from the high mountains. I was there for the first gulf war. I first went to Stroud's in KC after hearing you talk about it on your show. I remember the bake sale, your endorsement of Bill Clinton,(I was not fooled) I also remember when you endorsed Pat Buchanan. I listened for a long time.

You have for a long time claimed or at least intimated that you are the conservative leader in the country today. Yet you had a caller Monday suggest that you need to explain just what a conservative is, now that's funny. I think you've failed Rush and you failed because you sold your soul to the establishment. Now I can hear your bluster already. I'm an outsider, I'm not the establishment, I have no ties to the establishment. But history says you are reading your own propaganda, while ignoring the reality of what you have become.

I quit calling myself a Rush fan, in fact I later abandoned the term conservative, because of what you became on the show the day after February 16, 2000. That's the day you sold out. That's the day you abandoned conservatism in favor of pragmatic Republicanism. From that day on you have become nothing more than a Republican shill. Your listener's don't know what a conservative is because I'm convinced that you have so bought the neo-con republican line that you don't either.

I on the other hand have rejected conservatism in favor of Constitutionalism. I am a Constitutionalist, I no longer identify myself as a conservative. I have voted for the candidate from the Constitution party in the last 3 elections. The Republican party has abandoned the Constitution in particular and conservatism in general. I can no longer identify myself with the Lee Atwater, big tent, compassionate conservatism of the Republican party.

You on February 16, 2000 rejected conservatism to shill for the man you admitted at the time was not the most conservative man there. Go back watch the video. Rush, there was one conservative at the encounter, one, and you backed the faux conservative, the compassionate conservative, Jorge the Younger Shrub. And to this day, well at least until Monday, you have confused yourself and your listener's with attempts to make a man who's campaign motto should have been, “Read my lips, I'm a conservative!” appear to be conservative.
Now along comes a man claiming to be a better, "more compassionate conservative", a Jesus loving, born again populist conservative, and you are having regrets? second thoughts? guilt pangs? an attack of conscience? What is it? On what basis is the Huckster less conservative than Jorge the Younger Shrub?
The Huckster claims that campaign finance is unconstitutional, the Shrub signed that. The Huckster says that Faith-based initiatives are unconstitutional, the Shrub proposed them. The Huckster wants a bigger better military, the Shrub failed to grow the military, even contemplated shutting some more military bases. The Huckster claims he will close the border, the Shrub would open it up for unfetter access to any and all immigrant workers. So now the question is, how is the Huckster less conservative than the Shrub? Could it be that when you sold your soul for the establishment candidate, the “compassionate conservative”, that you forgot what real conservatism is? Maybe your listener's don't know what a conservative is, because they have been told since February 16, 2000 that Jorge the Younger Shrub is conservative, when in reality he was and is a moderate middle of the road establishment politician. A country club republican who labeled himself “compassionate conservative” and you backed his play.

What is a conservative Rush? Is it someone who's hero is Fredrick Hayek ? When's the last time you talked about him? Is it someone who believes in limited government like Reagan did? Is the Shrub a limited government type of guy? Remember the Shrub is your man, you've been shilling for him the last 6 years. Does a conservative believe that McCain/Feingold was an abomination, a blatant violation of the First Amendment? Did you call for the Shrub's impeachment for signing that travesty?? More worried about protecting the Shrub's ass, than defending the Constitution weren't ya Rushy. Does a conservative shill for Arlen Sphincter over Pat Toomey? Does a conservative protect a president that stabs conservatives like Pat Toomey in the back, helping instead to ensure a pro baby-killing big government RINO like Sphincter remain in office. It seems to me that your attempts to protect the Shrub led to confusion over what a conservative is. You've been riding the “compassionate conservative” fence so long that you're getting sore. Your listener's can't tell if you're a “compassionate conservative” or a establishment Republican, either way they no longer know what a conservative is, and it's your fault.

Rush, there is a Constitutionalist in the race, a classic conservative, a Reagan conservative and you have so swallowed the party line, the neo-con position, the ”compassionate conservative” position, that you no longer recognize a conservative when you see one?

Now I know you like the front runners, the party hacks, the establishment Republican candidate (see Bob Dole) does this mean that you will endorse some loser like John McCain or Fred Thompson or a “more compassionate conservative” like the Huckster when there is a real Constitutionalist conservative in the race? Why don't you go back to the old conservatism, the limited government, freedom loving, friend of liberty that is running for president on the Republican ticket.

So what's it going to be Rush, another faux conservative, a violator of the First Amendment, a hater of the Second Amendment, a “more compassionate conservative” or a Constitutionalist?