Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not a Republican

It occured to me the other day that I have not voted for a Republican for President in 12 years and in Iowa elections I have not voted for a Republican for governer for 8 years. Let me explain, in 1996 I refused on principle to vote for that dodering old hack politician Bob Dull. Any man as incompetent as that old boy has no business being in the most powerful office in the world. So I voted for Howard Phillips of the US Taxpayers Party. In 2000, I did not buy Jorge the Younger's appeal to "conservatives" with his attempt to portray himself as a "compassionate conservatise", which I considered to be both partonizing and illogical. So I voted for Howard Phillips again, this time as the candidate for the renamed Constitution party.

In 2002 the Iowa Republicans chose as their candidate a two-bit sleazy lawyer named Doug Gross. This guy was so dirty with special interest ties that he attempted to cut his ties to the law firm in which he had made his millions, claiming that the groups and organizations his firm represented had nothing to do with him, never mind the fact that he was also their personal lawyer. I did not vote for the sleazy lawyer from Arkansas and I will not vote for one in Iowa. In 2004 we got force fed Jorge the Younger again, who any believer in the Constution should have understood by then was a traitor to the Constitution when he signed McCain/Feingolds Campaign Fiance Reform bill. Any four year old understands the words "congress shall make no law". but apparently Jorge isn't capable of the tasks most 4-years olds can handle. So I again I voted for the Constitution Party Candidate.

In the last election cycle(2006) the Republicans of Iowa chose as their champion a 6 term Congresscritter named Jim Nussle. Now Nussle always claimed to be conservative, a "good" republican, but soon after he got to Congress he dumped his first wife and took up with one of Newt's staffers. When questioned on his positions, he always championed his pro-life position. Yet during this falls campaign, he critized the state of South Dakota for their abortion ban, calling it too restrictive.
I left the ballot blank on the governers race this fall, mostly because I concluded that Mr. Nussle was playing political games with his positions and would flip-flop in a heart beat if he thought it would be politically expedient.

Three weeks after Nussle lost in November he announced that he was taking a paid position as staff in the Giuliani campaign. In case you don't remember Giuliani is pro-baby killing, pro-sodomy, anti- gun and thinks we need an amnesty program for the illegals in the country. Nussle's logic was that "we need a candidate who can win." I am very glad that I did not vote for Nussle, I knew he was a lawyer, it seems he's a sleazy two-faced one as well.

The guess host on Rush's show yesterday was lamenting the fact that there seems to be no good conservative candidates in the Republican field, who have an kind of charsima or experience, and that Rudy is the only one in the field with those qualities. he then spent the rest of the show trying to convince the listeners and himself that he could still be true to his own personal pro-life position while voting for a pro-baby killer like Rudy. "Maybe we can trust him to appoint judges like Scalia and Thomas" was one of his justifications.

A note to the Republican party, make Rudy your candidate, and I will once again be voting for the Candidate from the Consitiution party. I will not vote for your sleazy, pro-baby killer, pro-sodomy, anti-gun, illegal loving candidate, even if it means that Hillary becomes the President, Ya know why ,cause Hillary is a sleazy, pro-baby killer, pro-sodomy, illegal loving socialist, and I don't what either one of them. If the Republicans don't have a candidate who is legitimately different in every way than Hillary, they will lose.