Saturday, February 24, 2007

Global Warming, NOT!!

The current temperture is 27 degrees. Yesterday at about 3:00 we began to have thunderstorms with temperture of about 33 degrees. With a slowly falling temp, and rain off and on since 3:00 yesterday, we now have ice on the trees, the powerlines, and even the windows, (can't see out the east side of the house).According to the National Weather Service, this may be the worst winter storm in Iowa in a decade.

At 2:35 this afternoon the power went off after blinking off and on for several hours.
So you wonder how the farmer is blogging. When we moved in here years ago, there was a standby generator in the corner of the shop building, we have used it twice before today. At about 5:15 I hooked the tractor to the generator, and we now have power and lights again. My plan is to run it till 10:00 pm and then shut it off for the night.

Everybody has to use the facilities, take their baths, etc before we shut off the power. Since we use well water, we will have no water either.
It's not all bad, we got to spend some family time this afternoon, the kids read books and played games. The lovely wife and I were both reading books. (A book review will be posted when I'm done.) We carried some wood in for the fireplace. All in all it's been a fairly pleasant day, as long as you don't have to go outside.

UPDATE: Sunday morning 9:00 AM

First, last night about 6:45 the power company restored service. The small town nearby served by a different power company remained dark. It seems strange to see all those houses in town dark and yard lights lit all across the countryside. At around 6:00 it started to snow rather than freezing rain. It snowed all night, we now have 8 to 9 inches of snow on top of the ice. And now the wind is beginning to blow. Here in flat north Iowa, this means white out conditions.

I think we will sit inside by the fire for most of today.