Friday, February 19, 2010

I need some help with a mental exercise.

I have to do a little speech in a few days, related to my worldview. Explaining why I hold my spiritual, political and personal views. The group I'm speaking to is specifically concerned with family issues.

Remember Hitchens interview in which he asserts that if you don't believe X you really can't call yourself a Christian!! Well, I'm a Christian fundamentalist. I don't consider anyone who doesn't hold to the five fundamentals of the faith to be a Christian.

As a point of reference we'll use the following as the five.

1. The Deity of Christ
2. The Virgin Birth
3. The Blood Atonement
4. The Bodily Ressurection
5. The Physical Return of Christ

Now, as a fundamentalist, I think that there are certain absolutes/truths which follow in two other areas. We'll call them civil government, and family.

What would you consider five fundamentals in each of those areas?

Civil Government

1. God has established government and has power over it.

2. Government's first duty is to punish evil.

3. Power comes out of the people.?




1. Marriage One Man, One Woman, for life.

2. Children are a blessing from the Lord.

3. Education is the responsibility of the parents.

4. Old age care of parents is the responsibility of the children.


I think you get the idea. Now, please help me fill in the blanks, start over, make a better list, .................

I have to give this speech next week.

All your help would be appreciated.

And if the troll/human weed shows up, don't respond to it, I'm going to delete all of it's comments.