Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Election Comments

Well, the man I voted for did not win. But, this now makes 16 years since I voted for a Repugnant party candidate for President. Until the Repugnant party nominates candidates who are truly pro-life, pro-marriage (between one man and one woman), who believe in sound money, a strong national defense, (not some globalist empire building un-ending war), protect the Constitution as the foundational law of the country, and start the process of defunding the unConstitutional agencies and departments which consume our nations resources, as well as burning down and salting the earth where the public school system stands

Children of the State

..... I will not be voting for them any time in the future.

So I voted for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party.

To those of you who voted for Mc-Mark-O-Cain, I wonder, would your conscience have bothered you less if you had actually voted on principle, for a man with truly conservative/Constitutional positions rather than a RINO who acts and talks so much like a Demoncrat that most of the time he's siding with them?? Praise God the Mc-Mark-O-Cain lost. You sheep would have gone along with Mc-Mark-O-Cain's crazy socialist/leftist ideas just like you did with Jorge the Younger Shrub.

And maybe that is the most important thing I have to say this evening, until all of you out there on the web reading these comments, come to grip with this truth, you will continue to me defeated at the ballot box. Jorge the Younger Shrub ,was never a conservative.

Go to the transcript of this debate, February 15th, 2000 There was one and only one conservative sitting at that debate table and it wasn't Larry King. In the last 3 Presidential elections those of you who claim to be conservative, who claim to believe in small government and Constitutional freedoms voted for the other two men at the table, the ones who were not and are not now conservative.

How's that working for ya??

Until those conservative/Christians who claim to love God, this country and the Constitution which establishes the laws of this country vote for men who love God, this country and the Constitution, you will get spineless, liberal, appeasing men like Jorge the Younger Shrub. A man who claims the name of Christ, yet believes that he worships the same god as the Muslims do.

Can a Christian pray to Allah.

See when you vote for men who claim the name of Christ yet, say things like this, you are guilty of adding and abetting an infidel.

Before you consider voting in the next presidential election I would suggest you actually study and read the things what ever candidate you support believes and stands for, and if he says he supports the Constitution, yet advocates federal involvement in education, call him the liar that he is, since the Constitution never mentions education. And if he says he will support overt attacks on the Constitution like Mc-Mark-O-Cain/Feingold, call him a traitor to the Constitution like he is, in Constitutional language it would be "enemies foreign and domestic".

So my postmortem autopsy concludes that the election of Barak Hussein Obama is the direct fault of those of you who voted to put in power for the last 8 years a man who failed to support, defend and enact the conservative agenda. You elected a man who claimed the name of Christ and yet repeatedly acted in ways contrary to Biblical and Constitutional principles.

As to the future, "May God have mercy on our souls!"

Oh, and to you complete ignoramuses talking about running Jeb Bush in 2012, will you quite trying to lose elections and destroy this country? Do you really expect him to be any better than his worthless father or incompetent brother?

Update: Seems I'm not the only one who thinks that much of the blame for an Obama win lies at the feet of pseudo conservatives like George W. Bush and John McCain.

Conservatives Lost More Than An Election