Monday, May 19, 2008

A Debate

It sprinkled a little bit, the manure pit was empty and I've already put in 12 hours, so I have time to post something. I also completed replacing the head gasket and water pump on a car for a cousin of mine. He's a college student, short of funds, and the local shop wanted about $1500 dollars to fix it, I put about $410 dollars in parts, gaskets and had the head planed and a valve job done on it. They drove it away yesterday, hopefully it lasts him a while. So one of the projects that has been consuming my time is gone down the road. PTL

Today the Jan Mickelson Show on 1040 WHO Radio out of Des Moines IA, held a debate between Dr. Hector Avalos (an atheist) a professor of religious studies at Iowa State University and Dr. Richard Weikart author of "From Darwin to Hitler : Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism".

You can download the podcast here,

I was amused with Avalos's argument, which amounts to little more than claiming that Hitler never actually mentioned Darwin, so therefore there is no connection between the two.

If you have read here before you should remember that Avalos was one of the principles responsible for denying Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez tenure at ISU. Both Gonzalez and Weikart appear in Expelled which I reviewed earlier.

BTW, If you have not seen Expelled yet, go do it now. It is worth your time and money.