Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sleeping in the Recliner!

No the lovely Mrs. farmer did not kick me out of the bedroom. I had a little run in with a dead sow and I lost.

An older sow died during pig birthing(farrowing), so her carcass had to be dragged out of the farrowing crate and taken outside. After we got her out of the crate, we used a winch to pull the carcass up onto a two wheeled cart. This cart is a frame of steel rod, the bottom 18" are at about a 30 degree angle to the floor, the total height of the cart is about five feet. The top section is approximately 70 degrees from the floor. There is a cable winch mounted on the back side of the cart, and the cable runs over a pulley at the top end, then down to the deceased critter. Attach the cable to the critter, crank the winch till it pulls the deceased up near the top end of the cart. Then, (in theory) you tip the top end down to make the cart level, and wheel the critter outside.

This particular sow was very long, and very heavy. When we got her cranked up to the top there was still a lot of her on the floor. When I tried to push the top end down, so we could roll her out, I could barely get the weight shifted, so I leaned into for all I was worth. Now I'm not a small boy, 6'2" and more than 270. I got her tipped part way then lost the battle, the top end of the cart came back up, caught me under the ribs and lifted me off the floor.

I now have very sore ribs. Deep breaths, bending over, sleeping in the bed, laughing, and other activities I will not describe, all cause considerable discomfort. So I'm sleeping in the recliner.

And the sow is still dead. Stupid swine.